Thursday, December 17, 2009

We're in Utah!

I should have put this post up long ago. We are in Utah! Camden and I arrived on December 7th, one week prior to our scheduled arrival. On Sunday, December 6th, Calvin told me he could take care of himself during finals week and that I should take the opportunity to see my family. It was hard to leave him there, but I think overall, he got a lot more done with the peace and quiet without Camden and me at home.

I called my mom to ask her if it would be ok for us to come and she said of course! We decided it would be so much fun to surprise my dad. So...the plan took shape. Brooklyn left school during her lunch hour to pick Camden and me up from the airport. My mom was out running some errands with my dad in SLC and they stopped for lunch at Olive Garden. There were some coverups made to explain why Brooklyn was in SLC too and would be joining them for lunch. We walked in the back door and came up to the table. My mom could see us coming but my dad's back was to us. I walked up and put Camden in his lap. He was so happy and surprised! It was so much fun to see how happy he was! I've never been away from my family so long, so it was a happy reunion!

We have had a great time, just spending time together. We were SO happy when Calvin joined us this Monday. Camden is having so much fun here, meowing at the cats, playing out in the snow, and seeing his grandparents. Next week we're headed for Nevada! I love family and I love Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!