Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A New Brother

What a great weekend! Amy and Danny are now Mr. and Mrs. Huffmire. We are so happy for them and happy to have a new brother (in law)! It was certainly a big day. Camden and I went up the day before to help with all of the preparations. I got to go with Amy and my mom to get nails turned out very dark red! Then we just took care of all the last minute items! The wedding day was perfect weather. The ceremony was beautiful and Amy and Danny looked great. The dinner at the Joseph Smith Building was so pretty and turned out good too. The day was so busy that I didn't even get to take any pictures on my camera! The photographer (who took the pictures for my wedding, she's great!) took some really good ones though of our cute little Camden in his adorable suit (thank you Winder family!) so I really can't wait to see those.

I had so much fun making a wedding video for Amy and Danny. We put pictures from throughout their lives and then some at the end of them together. At the end of the video, I interviewed them and they told the story of how the fell in love. The video turned out great...with just a few kinks in the actual showing during the wedding dinner. When we finished taking pictures and were just getting ready for the guests to arrive, I realized that I had left the DVD at home. I tried to burn a new copy, but with no success. Luckily I had asked Calvin to bring our cables that would hook my computer up to a projector. I had to run from the Joseph Smith Building to the Conference Center parking lot in my heels to get the cables. Once we got the video file playing, it only went for the first 5 minutes, then started over. Amy cut her cake as a distraction, and when they were done with that, we were able to play the video from the program I made it in and then it went smoothly. Needless to say, next time, don't forget the DVD!! It really was fun and if anyone knows someone who is getting married and would like a video...let me know! Look how cute they are!

After the wedding, Calvin and I stayed in Farmington for the night because Calvin had to go show a cabin at the lodge on Saturday. He came back and we let the grandparents watch Camden while we went to dinner and a movie. It was a lot of fun, but we realized how old we are getting when we were so tired driving home at midnight.

We brought back all of Amy and Danny's presents, and on Sunday, they came to claim them. I thought I should have at least been able to keep a few for a delivery fee! But I gave them all back :) We fed them dinner (apparently they hadn't eaten all day) and watched them open presents. It was a lot of fun to have them over.

This week has been good! I've been doing a lot of work in the office, creating a promotional email to sell some Christmas gift certificates. I've already sold quite a few, so it has turned out to be a really good promotion. We have started feeding Camden rice cereal. He really likes it. He thinks it's some kind of game and ends up spitting a lot of it out when he is laughing. It was so funny the first time, he thought it was a lot of fun. He's doing good though, he ate a good amount, so that is fun. One more week on this, then we'll try some vegetables :)

Camden is also starting to move around a lot more! He can roll from his back to his stomach and stomach to back. I have learned that I definitely need to buckle him in and watch where I set him down!

Last week we had Cafe Rio salad night...I made everything from scratch and it turned out so good! Everything was just like Cafe Rio; sweet pork, fresh guacamole and pico de gallo, creamy tomatillo dressing, cliantro on top-right down to the cheese melted on the tortilla. My favorite!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Very Busy!

So last week was a huge week. Aside from the fact that I was searching every place I could think of for my ring, we had a lot going on. Calvin had tests, papers, and homework that were all demanding attention. We also had to get our grass put in as quickly as possible. I am proud to say, I laid all of it down and also mowed the lawn.

We also put our house up for sale. We haven't heard back from schools yet, but we thought we'd get a head start, as we are pretty sure Calvin won't be going to school here. We're hoping to hear something in the next few weeks.

What else? We were so busy! This week I worked on Amy's wedding video. Only a few more days until the wedding! Wow!

I made a couple good dinners-our favorites this week were meatless manicotti and ranch hamburgers. Let me know if you want some good recipes!

I'm so glad about my ring. It truly was a blessing that Calvin found it. He was sitting in his truck and just saw it out of the corner of his eye and just picked it up without even realizing what it was. He was so sweet, he wanted to surprise me, so he bought me a rose and gave it to me when I got home. I saw a little card taped to it, so I opened it up and found a ring! At first I thought he had gotten me a different ring to wear, then I realized it was mine! I was so happy.

Well,that's all I can think of! Camden is doing great. He's such a happy little boy and he loves to play. We are so lucky to have him.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Calvin found my ring. He was getting into his truck today and happened to see me ring on the seat tucked into the back. I guess I must have put it in my pocket on Monday when we were going to pick up our neighbor's rototiller and it must have fallen out. I am so happy! I am never putting my ring in my pocket again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My beautiful wedding ring is lost. I am so sad. I last remember wearing it on Sunday. I almost always put it away in my ring box or my jewelry box, and when I went to put it on Tuesday, it was nowhere to be found. I have searched every place in my house I can think of, with no luck. I remember Sunday night feeling in the dark for my box to put my ring in, but not finding it, so I don't know if I kept it on, or just set it on my night stand. Then on Monday, I don't think I put it on in the morning because I was doing some work and didn't want to wear it. So, it is gone. It makes me sad that it must be somewhere in this world (or my house!) but I just don't know where! I'm hoping that it will just turn up somewhere. Wish me luck.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, Fall is setting in with Winter creeping right up! We had a good week last week. We really enjoyed listening to Conference. Really not much happened though! This week, everyone has been in new beds. Camden got a new crib that he's been getting used to. I've been working on painting our bedroom, so Calvin and I have been sleeping in the extra room on a double bed. Calvin has decided it is much more comfortable than our own we'll see what happens when I get our room put back together. My mom came down on Wednesday, it was nice to spend some time together! On Saturday, we drove around listening to the second half of the BYU game and went to pick out some pumpkins. Camden fell asleep, so he didn't even get to pick his own. Oh well! So...not much else! Here are a few pictures from the week!

Camden and his favorite new toy from Grandma

New crib and new pajamas

Bundled up and ready to go get a pumpkin

Monday, October 6, 2008


The other night, Calvin and I were watching a movie together and he had Camden on his chest sleeping. He happened to cough and Camden started laughing in his sleep! It was the cutest thing ever, so I ran and got the camera. I'm so glad I got this!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mission Reunion & Salsa Making

Tonight was Calvin's mission reunion. Calvin loves to go and see all of his old mission buddies and relive the great days with all of them. I go to support Calvin and let him show off his amazing wife and his adorable baby boy. Well, tonight I had Camden with me, and as nine o'clock approached, it was time for us to leave. Nine o'clock is Camden's bedtime. So I said farewell, and loaded Camden into the car. He screamed the whole way home. By the time I got off the freeway in Spanish Fork, it was so bad, I had to stop. I pulled over in the first parking lot I came too and quickly unbuckled him from his seat. I calmed him down for a while, then gave him a bottle. He finished that, and seemed calm enough, so I buckled him in and made the rest of the trek home. Then I put him to bed, and now I'm just waiting for Calvin to call and say he's on his way home.

On another note, I had my first adventure in salsa making and bottling yesterday. The whole thing went pretty well. I got 11 pints of salsa and all of them sealed :) When I first took them out of my pressure cooker, about half of the lids weren't sealed, and I was pretty disappointed. However, little did I know, that if you just let them sit for a little while, they will seal, and they all did. I think it tastes pretty good...if you want a jar, let me know!

Here's a little video of Camden and the new noises he is learning to make!