Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom's Birthday & Parks

I know it was a long time ago, but the month of August was great here in Las Vegas! Brooklyn took a spontaneous trip and came for my Birthday!  We had some really good pizza and chicken wings for dinner and an awesome ice cream cake that Calvin got for me.  It was a nice night! The boys got me some nice gifts (some planters and seeds for growing flowers and herbs and some kitchen things I had been wanting) and Brooklyn brought me a present too!

While Brooklyn was here, we spent one day exploring a few places on the strip.  She took me down to the Cosmopolitan where she had gone to a concert.  I took her over the Bellagio to watch the fountain. 

We also took the boys from some ice cream :) 

It was so fun to have Brooklyn visit!  Another thing that kept us busy in August was visiting the parks!  We were happy to find the covered playgrounds and the splash pads!  The boys had a lot of fun.