Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is it too late? Christmas 2011

So, is it too late to write a post all about Christmas?!  In an effort to catch up without missing too much, here is a gigantic post all about what we did over our Christmas break.  
The festivities began when Calvin finished his finals on Friday, December 9th, one week ahead of the end of finals!  He crammed all of his tests into the first week so that we could have as much time off as possible.  That night, we went to our ward Christmas party.  I cooked a turkey and entered my lemon sour cream pie into the pie contest.  I didn't get a picture, but it looked and tasted great!  We had a nice dinner and Camden frosted a cookie.  We enjoyed visiting with our friends before heading out to see our families.

Camden was too focused on frosting his cookie to look up for the camera-he did try to smile though :)

We first went to visit Calvin's family in Fallon.  We had a great time there.  Here are the boys on Christmas Eve in their Christmas pajamas that I sewed!  It was my first sewing project in quite a while.  Thank you to both my mother and my mother-in-law for all of the help, I couldn't have done it without their help and advice!  

The boys had a wonderful Christmas morning-which began very early!  They both were happy to see that Santa had found us in Nevada. 

Even Coulton enjoyed his new toys.

It was a nice morning and we were happy to be able to attend church on Christmas Sunday to be able to help us remember the true meaning of the holiday.

We also had a lot of fun preparing for the holidays with some of our favorite traditions-sugar cookies and spudnuts (not pictured). 

Camden frosted all of his cookies blue.

These are my angel cookies, I know, they are amazing.

Coulton loved hanging out with all of his aunts and uncles.

And here are my boys, they also loved spending time together.

We also helped with some work while we were in Nevada.  Camden helped get 2 loads of firewood and was a big helper.  Coulton and I also came along for the ride once.  It was a beautiful day!

 Look at those tough guys!

Can you spot Camden?

Coulton will be more help next year :)

Camden took this picture of Coulton and me!

One day, Grandpa Winder took us to his work to show Camden all of the big equipment!  Camden was in heaven, he made sure to sit in each and every piece of equipment in the lot.

After our fun trip to Nevada, we made it out to Utah to visit my family!  Our trip started out with a stay at the Bear River Lodge in one of the beautiful five-bedroom cabins and a fun snowmobile ride!  Luckily there was enough snow to ride on the highway.  This was Camden's first real ride on a snowmobile and he had a great time! 

We also got to ride our sleds down the road to the fishing pond and the sledding hill.  We had a lot of fun! 
Camden really enjoyed playing in the snow.  He was having too much fun to pose for the camera.

We also discovered that Coulton loves to wear cowboy hats!  He was content to keep Camden's new hat on without even bothering it.

We had so much fun visiting our families!  I wish I had taken even more pictures to document all of the fun things we did.  Christmas was wonderful and it was so nice for Calvin to have some time off from school.  Now just pray we can all get through this last semester of law school and make it to graduation!  We are enjoying the rest of our time here in North Carolina, but can't wait to move on to the next chapter in our lives!