Friday, August 31, 2012

Trips to Fallon

Over the summer, we were able to take a few trips to Fallon.  And miracle among miracles, I was able to get a picture with the guy on the left showing a hint of smile :)  We went down for Father's Day and took the boys, Dad, and Grandpa to the Reno Rodeo.  Calvin has been talking about this rodeo for some time now, and it didn't disappoint.

We all had a fun time watching all of the different events.

And Camden enjoyed spending a little of his Birthday money on some blue cotton candy.

The next day, we had a pig roast and lunch to celebrate Calvin's graduation from Law School.  I made this Italian Cream Cake (thanks to Buddy's recipe) filled with whipped cream and fresh berries. 

Camden and Camille enjoyed helping with the berries.

We were able to get a lot of Winders together! 

It was a good opportunity for Calvin's Dad to get all of his siblings together, as well as many of his extended family.

On our next trip down, we delivered our new bull, Thunder, to his 13 lady friends. You may not be able to tell just from the picture, but he is a big bull!

We branded him and gave him some vaccinations.

Then set out to meet the girls.
Here he is in his new home.
It was a lot of fun to visit our family in Fallon and we can't wait to go back!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Clerk's Trip to St. Regis at Deer Valley

We had a great time with the summer clerks and mentors from Ray, Quinney, & Nebeker at the St. Regis Resort at Deer Valley.  Thank you to my parents for watching the boys so that we could get away for a night!  The hotel was amazing.  It is listed as one of the top 10 in the country to visit.

After checking in, we went to an outdoor concert at the Deer Valley amphitheater.  We listened to some jazz groups from New Orleans while we ate our fancy, picnic-style dinner of chicken, bacon, and avocado sandwiches, all types of cheeses and fruits, and cake-pops for dessert.  Unfortunately, the weather turned bad, and we headed back a little early.  It turned out to be an exciting night when we headed out to take a look at the pool and the power went out when we were in the hallway!  It was pitch black for a few seconds until the emergency lights turned on.  The power was off for the next 3 hours!  We went out for a snack and were about to give up on watching a show when the power finally came back on at midnight, allowing us to finish the night with an episode of Deadliest Catch :)

Here are some pictures from our stay:

The funicular which takes you up to the resort.

The view from our room.

The St. Regis logo was included in some of the most unlikely places, including this vent cover.

Staying at an amazing hotel means an amazingly comfortable bed!

Even the bathroom was awesome, there was a TV screen right in the mirror!

More St. Regis logos on the drawer paper.

This fireplace would be amazing in the winter. 

Calvin even got some down time to enjoy a good book, I would definitely recommend it, The Lazy B, by Sandra Day O'Connor and her brother Alan Day.

On Saturday morning, we enjoyed a great breakfast and then headed home.  Thanks again RQN!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Coulton!


Our little Coulton is already one year old!  He is the most darling little boy and we love him so much.  We had a nice little party for Coulton on his birthday, July 9th. 

We had some of Coulton's favorite foods for dinner; grapes, watermelon, and pasta.  

Coulton had fun opening his presents, and Camden had fun helping.

We made Coulton his own chocolate cake!  The plates and napkins said, "Happy Birthday Monster!"  I thought they were so cute-Calvin calls Coulton his "little monster." 

Camden got some instruction on how to use a lighter :)

Coulton loved his chocolate cake!  He dug right in!

Coulton is such a wonderful little boy.  He started walking at 9 months old and by the time he was 1, he was running and climbing like a pro.  He is such a busy little guy!  He loves to play with balls and water and do anything that Camden is doing.  Coulton loves to eat just about anything, including trying to eat dog food!  He likes to play with Spud and throw balls to him.  He is starting to have his own funny personality and his own wants and likes.  Coulton is even a good helper with the chores!  He likes to help me put away the silverware and pick up toys.  We sure love Coulton and had a fun party with him!