Sunday, May 22, 2011

A month in review...

I am sorry that it has been a whole month since I've written anything on the blog! I promise to be much better throughout the summer. We've had a great and very busy month. Here are a few pictures from Easter! We had a fun time with our friends having a little easter egg hunt for all of the little kids.

Camden had a lot of fun searching for all of the easter eggs.

Camden and his friends. We miss our playgroup!

Thank you so much to my dad who flew out to North Carolina to drive to Utah with Calvin. Camden and I got to fly to Utah and spend some time with my mom. As soon as Calvin finished his last final, he and my dad loaded up the truck and pulled the camry out to Utah in a marathon drive!

Camden and I got to help pack the house in Farmington! It was so fun to see my family and I'm very sad we didn't take any pictures! We were so busy the whole time. We organized, packed, and had a yard sale! It was also nice to be able to be there on Mother's Day. I love my mother! For our mother's day dinner, my Dad and Danny went grocery shopping and Calvin cooked on Sunday for me, my mom, and Amy. It turned out great!

After our visit in Utah, we headed to Nevada. Calvin's dad came out to drive with us and we got to drive through Zion National Park where Calvin's grandpa grew up and where his great-grandfather had a ranch. It was neat to hear about Calvin's family. We also drove up to where the old farmhouse was. There are still the doorpost remaining.

Camden had a great time in Nevada playing all day long.

One of his favorite things was the playdough Grandma Winder made. He and Camille played with it for hours!

He also enjoyed being outside and getting VERY dirty!

It was so much fun to see our families! I wish we could have spent more time with them. We are now settled in to our apartment for the summer in Mountain View, CA. It is only a few miles from Calvin's office in Palo Alto. More pictures to come of what we've been up to here!