Monday, April 16, 2012

Coulton-9 Months Old!

Wow! I can't believe our Coulton is 9 months old already!  We have really enjoyed having him as a part of our family the last 9 months.  Coulton is such a happy boy.  He is also getting very big!  We took him to his check-up with the doctor and Coulton weighs 23 lbs and is 29" tall!  He is in the 92nd percentile for weight and 76th percentile for height.  He has 4 teeth on the top of his mouth and 2 teeth on the bottom. 

Here are some pictures of Coulton and some of his favorite things.

If the door is open, Coulton is outside.  He loves to crawl around outside, trying to eat leaves and bark, while Camden runs or rides his bike.

Coulton is really beginning to enjoy playing with toys. He likes to play with the jungle/ball toy you can see here, cars, trains, wagons, blocks, farm animals, and just about anything that is set out for him to play with.
I was trying to get a picture of Coulton's teeth here.  He has the cutest smile!

Coulton is a good boy in the stroller or bike trailer and enjoys being out in the sun.
We has also started to wave when you say, "Hi, Coulton!"
Another thing Coulton!  He will eat anything we are eating and especially likes strawberries and grapes.  He also likes to munch on crackers.
We made some angel food cake (from scratch!) and strawberry sauce and whipped cream the other day.  The boys loved the whipped cream!

And  finally, Coulton loves to climb up the stairs.  He is fast, too!  He will climb up a few stairs, then turn around to see if you are watching him and wave.  It is very cute.

We sure love Coulton and are so glad to have him in our family!  Camden loves having a little brother to play and wrestle with.  Coulton even likes the wrestling!  If anyone is on the floor, Coulton will crawl over and start growling and pushing with his head.  It is so funny.  Happy 9 months Coulton!

Friday, April 6, 2012


The weather has been so beautiful lately!  We have had so much fun being outside.  I have loved taking the boys out in the bike trailer that I pull with my bike.  We go out on this paved trail that leaves right near our house.  I give the boys some crackers to eat to keep them happy while we're out :)  We love listening to the many birds and enjoying the beautiful blossoms and green trees.

Camden, the photographer, took this picture of Coulton and me.  Too bad Coulton was more interested in playing with the truck than looking at the camera!

Sometimes, we take Camden's bike and I push Coulton in the stroller.  Camden loves riding out on the trail!  It gives him much more space to ride than back and forth on the sidewalks at home.

Coulton had fun playing with one of our tennis ball finds when we passed the tennis courts.

Last week we ended up having a family date to The Hunger Games when our babysitter got sick.  It couldn't have gone any better-Coulton slept the whole time and Camden enjoyed eating his popcorn and was good through the whole movie.  After the movie, we took them out to see Camden's favorite marching band, the ducks :)  We have a picture of Camden here when he was Coulton's size!

 We've also enjoyed going out to the nearby parks!  Coulton loves to swing.

Camden loves to dig...

...and climb!

Camden also loved playing outside in the rain!  We've had quite a few rainstorms lately, combined with the 80 degree days, everything is very green!

And one more thing we love to do outside-check the mail!  Camden rides his bike over and I push Coulton in the stroller.  Thank you to Grandma Eggett for sending the boys this Easter package!  They love getting mail!

We love being outside and will definitely miss the beautiful weather and scenery when we leave North Carolina!