Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting for Halloween

So Camden and I were doing our usual Monday morning shopping, and while we were in the store I saw something I just HAD to buy...an orange and striped TIGER costume for Camden! He is the cutest thing ever! I just could not stop laughing and smiling when I put it on him. Even Calvin admited Camden looked very cute in his costume, while not denying how ridiculous he thought I was when I was laughing so hard. Camden is definitly the cutest Tiger I've ever seen! We're working on his roar.

The weekend was nice. My family came down and helped us stain our fence. What a kind act of service! Everyone helped. Even my grandma picked up a paint brush and helped! We could not have done it without them, thanks everyone!!

Sunday was my Mom's Birthday. We went to her house and had dinner and cake. We love spending time with them, Happy Birthday mom! I'm starting to realize just how grateful I should be for my mother. Mothers sacrifice so much! It goes from small things like waiting until your baby isn't needing your attention to eat breakfast, or larger things like sacrificing your own body! (I am working on getting that one back!) It is truly amazing how dependant babies are. Every person in this world, good or bad, was once a little baby who someone had to care for day and night. That's amazing! Anyway, I am grateful for my mother and to now be a mother myself.

Calvin wants me to keep track of our life on here kind of like our family journal. We haven't been the greatest journal writers lately, so hopefully this will work. Calvin is doiong well, just so busy with school. He is taking a jogging class and so he runs in the evenings with our dog Butch. He helps me be motivated to exercise too. Tuesday nights we watch our favorite TV show, Prison Break, so that is our plan for tonight.

Well, leave some comments so we know who's coming here! Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun at Home

Well, not a lot of new things are going on. I'm just trying to get our house caught up on cleaning from our busy summer. Calvin never runs out of things to do for school. I've enjoyed getting into a routine. On Monday mornings, Camden and I run errands; go to the grocery store, the bank, the post office, etc. I've started planning dinners and shopping for the ingredients. I never knew how much easier it was to make dinner at night if you already had something planned and you had all the ingredients! I used to go to the store and just get whatever I saw that I thought I'd need, and then when I would get home, I would wonder what I had spent all that money on! Now I have the right things to make some good dinners. I have fun trying lots of new things. Last night we had Indian beef curry stew, tonight we're going to have some catfish.

Camden is growing every day! He is getting stronger and more active. He has one little tooth that is breaking the surface on the bottom, and a couple that are almost there on the top. Here are some pictures of him pushing up from his arms and trying to roll over. When he was just a week old, he could roll from his stomach to his back. He was able to do that for a few weeks, but since then, he hasn't been able to. That belly just got a little too big. So he's doing pretty good and I think he'll be there soon!
Last Saturday, Camden and I went up to the lodge for the grand pool opening and BBQ. Here are some pictures of the awesome new pool with Brooklyn and her friend Liz, and the very good BBQ with Emily and my Dad.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Camden Laughing

My favorite thing to do these days is make Camden smile and laugh, which I think is the cutest thing ever. He loves to kick his legs and wave his arms and he loves it when you talk to him. He also has a very ticklish spot right under his arms. Here is a little video of him laughing and me right along with him :)

Camden and I hang out in my home office during the day. I answer phone calls and do some work while he plays on the floor next to me. It is good for now since he can't crawl away or get into anything! And it's great for me because I can do some work and play with him inbetween. He is just starting to find out that he can control his hands. He loves to look at them and try to grab onto things. Then as soon as he clasps on, he pulls whatever it is he's caught towards his mouth! I guess that's what little babies do! I enjoy my time here at home with him, but we miss Calvin while he's at school. Calvin is busy with his last year taking high-level Economics classes. He is also a TA, which means he is at school from early in the morning until 5-6 o'clock. Here are a couple of pictures to enjoy!

Camden's First Football Game...Go Cougars!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome To Our Blog

Hello! I have decided to start our own blog. I'm sure the most exciting thing on this blog is going to be all of the pictures of our little baby Camden who is growing and changing so quickly. Tomorrow he will be going to his second BYU football game. Camden has become a well-rounded baby! He has been on four plane rides and travelled to Nevada, California, Idaho, and Wyoming and of course, Utah. We love having him with us.
Well, that is all for now, but we'll post more soon!