Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We have had such a wonderful Christmas season...and it's not over yet! Tomorrow we leave to visit Calvin's family in Nevada. Here are some pictures of what we've done so start out, we went to our ward Christmas party. Camden had fun seeing Santa and the only thing he said he wanted when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas was a candy-cane (the treat Santa was handing out :)

Camden also had fun decorating sugar cookies. I couldn't get him to look away long enough to catch a picture. I love how he is smiling though!

On the Sunday before we left, we got up and had our own Christmas morning! Santa Claus brought Camden his own Ford F-150 to drive and didn't want us to have to try to bring it back from our vacation, so he came early! Camden and Dad in their new Christmas pajamas-a Christmas Eve tradition from my family.

Camden was excited to leave a note, some milk, and a cookie for Santa Claus. I don't have any pictures of our Christmas morning because I was using the video camera. Needless to say, Camden was very excited about his truck. He kept saying, "Santa Claus bring me big truck!" "Santa Claus bring me presents!" He didn't even want to open anything else after he saw his truck. We had a lot of fun driving it around before we left.

When we got to Utah, we had our 3rd annual Saturday-before-Christmas Eggett party. Since Amy and I have been in different places on Christmas day, we've been having a party while we were in the same place at the same time. We also carried on the tradition of the packing-tape-ball-game. Inside the ball, there are prizes and mints wrapped up in the tape. We all sit in a circle and roll some dice and whenever you get doubles, you get a chance to try to rip apart the ball and get the prizes out. You get to keep ripping until someone else in the circle gets doubles and then you pass it to them. It gets pretty intense! At the end of the game, you get to trade your mints in for envelopes with other prizes, including gift cards (some valuable, some kind of worthless, like ones with one or two dollars left), money, and sometimes other silly coupons, etc. We always include a service project as part of the days activities, and this year we got to use some of the money to buy some presents for a family we adopted for Christmas.

You can't tell from the pictures, but the ripping action is pretty crazy!

Danny's trying to get out one of the valuable mints.

While we were here, we got to visit some of my favorite places to eat. I've been dreaming about them for months! Nielsen's for some custard and a Finer Things Combo sandwich (warm turkey, cream cheese, and avacado, mmm), Mandarin for Chinese, Robintino's for a shrimp salad, and Keva Juice for a fruit smoothie, yum!!! Here we are at Nielsen's.

We had a lot of fun putting together a gingerbread house from Great-Grandma Eggett. Thanks Grandma!

We enjoyed going to see the lights on Temple Square on Christmas Day after seeing a movie with my family and having dinner at Little America. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Camden had fun playing with some new toys, including this train!

And we can't forget a couple of videos! We went down to Provo to see the Carl Bloch art exhibit and afterward went down to Spanish Fork to see the Festival of Lights. You drive through this park where they have set up all kinds of lights! It was really fun. I'm glad we could take Camden back there and take my family too!

On the way home, Camden was having fun singing Christmas songs, including this version of "Jingle Bell Rock."

We have had a wonderful Christmas and we are looking forward to spending some more of the holidays with our family in Nevada. Merry Christmas, we love you all!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter is here!

We were all very excited to put up our Christmas decorations! Camden enjoyed trying to wear his stocking. We had fun decorating the tree with all of our fun ornaments, including ones I've made and ones Calvin made when he was a little kid. We're working on a few for Camden to add!

We tried to take a family picture on Sunday, but with the automatic timer, it didn't focus quite right, so black and white looked a little better! We'll have to take some more when we have a photographer around!

Camden looking very handsome on our way to church.

On Sunday, we invited some friends over to watch the First Presidency Christmas devotional. We made some more cinnamon rolls! Yum!

One morning we made one of Calvin's favorite breakfasts from when he was a little kid-one eyed sailor boys!

You cut out a circle in a piece of bread (we decided to use our Christmas cookie cutters)...

Toast it in the pan and crack an egg in the middle...

Flip it so it is cooked on both sides, then once it is done, you have a fried egg in the middle of your bread. You use the piece you cut out to dip in the yolk. Camden loved it! He ate two!

The finished product...

We were also lucky enough to get a little snow storm! It definitely added to the Christmas spirit.

Camden and dad had a lot of fun building a snowman!

We are looking forward to Calvin finishing his finals and going to visit our families for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November-a month in review...

Wow! What a busy month we had and how few pictures I took! November was beautiful here in Durham. The leaves were changing, the weather was nice, it was a great month. Here is Camden outside the church on a Saturday that we went to help clean.

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we went to see Harry Potter. Here's Camden by our favorite little marching band statues.

On November 22nd, we celebrated Calvin's 25th birthday! We love you dad!

We had delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

For Thanksgiving, we had a nice dinner together at home. It was fun! I cooked from 7:30 am until we ate at 3 pm! It was a lot of work. Everything was good-the only thing I forgot to make was the stuffing!

Delicious pecan pie.

Here's the spread, what a lot of food!

November was a good month! It went by so quickly. And now...on to December! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween & More!

This post has been many days in the making, but I am finally getting it up! Here is our family at the ward Halloween party-unfortunately Camden did not look at the camera.

We had fun at the trunk-or-treat, when Camden was finished with one side of the parking lot and we turned around to head back on the other side, he said excitedly, more?! It was really cute. He did a good job of saying trick-or-treat and thank you!

After a tiring morning at the party, the cowboys needed a little shut-eye.

We also took the opportunity to try on Dad's Mexican sombrero we found in the attic!

That night, we carved our pumpkins! Camden got very dirty!


We roasted the pumpkin seeds, yum!

And here are the finished pumpkins! Camden's, Mom's, Dad's

Here are some pictures of a few of the other things we have been doing lately!
Playing in the rain...

Growing some flowers...

Chopping wood...

Building fires in our fireplace....
And spending time together...Camden and I went to this International talent show at the law school which was put together by my friend's husband. A friend sitting behind us caught this cute picture!
Camden had fun putting on all the leis!

We are having some fun in the beautiful Fall weather here in Durham but can't wait to see all of our family over the winter break!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Weekend Fun!

We had a fun weekend, doing a few fall activities! On Friday night, we went to the North Carolina State Fair. I am so glad we parked and came in the entrance we did. The first area we came to was dedicated to plants, flowers, and gardens! Last year we got so lost in the maze of rides and food stands that we didn't even find this part of the fair. I loved it!

We then headed off to find Camden's priority-animals! He had so much fun looking at all of the different animals. He really enjoyed petting and feeding the goats!

We also saw cows, pigs, a horse with a baby mule, and chickens! (Someday Calvin will have cows and I'll have chickens :)

We ended the night with watching the Demolition Derby! I love these! This one wasn't the best one we've been to, but it was still lots of fun.

The nights are getting cold here!

On Saturday night, we headed out to find some new cowboy boots for Camden. About a week ago, he suddenly became interested in wearing his cowboy gear-which he had completely grown out of. So for the past week, he's been walking around in his boots that are 2 sizes too small. Camden was very proud of his new boots! I asked him if I could take his picture and he even stuck out his foot to display his new boots.

After the mall, we went to TCBY for some frozen yogurt. I had pumpkin pie and chocolate! Yum! Then we walked over to Trader Joe's for some pumpkins and a few other things. Camden is asking for the camera to take a picture of mommy!
And here is what he got!

Just to show you how much Camden loves his boots, he slept with them next to his bed last night and put them on first thing when he woke up this morning!

We had a really fun weekend spending some time together! Next weekend-Halloween!