Monday, February 23, 2009

8 Miles!

Okay, this may not sound like a big deal to some of you, but Calvin and I went on an 8 mile walk on Saturday afternoon. Calvin actually went 10 miles because he jogged a mile farther and then came back the extra mile while Camden and I took a break. When we started out, I told Calvin there was no way I was going to walk 8 miles, but I made it!
We went along the Provo River Trail, which is actually really nice! Camden got to ride on Calvin's back the whole time. He stuck it out the first 4 miles, but on the 4 back, he fell asleep. The weather on Saturday was perfect. It was so nice to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.
We had a really good weekend. On Friday night we went to the BYU men's volleyball game. They won! Camden looked great in his BYU hat. Calvin's excited to get him a Duke hat and turn him from a Cougar cub into a little Blue Devil. I'm not so sure about taking care of a Blue Devil!

Friday, February 20, 2009

First Hair Cut

Calvin gave Camden his very first hair cut! Camden did great. He wasn't even scared of the clippers. Calvin also did a great job. After Calvin gave Camden a hair cut, he gave himself one! He's amazing! I don't know how he does such a good job cutting his own hair. I only have to help him with just a little in the back. Besides that, he does it all himself!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a handful!

Camden has become quite the handful! I finally got my computer working again (my power cord stopped working so I ordered a new one, and it took a while to get the right one) so here are some pictures from the last couple weeks. Camden has become quite mobile. He loves to climb, crawl, and get his hands on anything and everything. I have to watch him a little closer these days!
We had a nice holiday weekend. On Friday, Calvin and I went on an early Valentine's date while my mom watched Camden. On Saturday and Sunday, we went up to the lodge to do some work. There is so much snow there! On Monday we went back to my parents house and helped with some projects there. It was a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bear River Lodge Snowmobiling Adventure

We have had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks. The last weekend in January, Calvin, Camden and I went up to the Bear River Lodge for my parents neighborhood snowmobile party. We got to stay in the brand new, five-bedroom cabin, which was soooo nice! It is really a beautiful cabin. We went up on Thursday night, snowmobiled Friday, and went home on Saturday. Everything was so fun.

We didn't get up there until kind of late on Thursday because we had to wait for Calvin to get out of class. He did leave early though, so that was really nice of him :) We played some games and talked with the other people who were there. Everyone got checked into their cabins.

On Friday morning, we got up and made breakfast and packed lunches for the snowmobile ride. My grandparents were there and my grandma was so nice to stay and watch Camden while we went out on the ride. We then got ready to go out on our ride with 30 snowmobiles! What a HUGE group! We had all types on the ride. Some people brought their own snowmobiles, some rented singles, and some rented doubles.

It was the PERFECT day for snowmobiling! We had two feet of new snow and the sun was shining; it was amazing. With all that new snow and some inexperienced snowmobilers, Calvin spent a lot of time helping people get unstuck. We finally made it to a resting point and we got to go out and play in an area called the Super Bowls. This was the best ride of my life! The snow was just awesome. It was so much fun to ride out there in the brand new powder.

We then were going to try to go up the back of Double Hill and around, but the hill became a grave yard for the inexperienced. We watched as people tried to make it up the huge hill, but one by one, fell victim to the deep snow. After at least half an hour of trying to get people unstuck, we headed back to the Whitney warming hut. We stopped there and had lunch, then broke into smaller groups to finish up the day. Calvin and I went with my dad and about 6 other snowmobilers to take the off-road way back. This was a great ride! It was fun not to have to stop to get people unstuck (except maybe me a couple times, oops!).

When we got back, everyone had a little rest, and then it was time for dinner. We had dinner then played some games and went to bed. The next morning we had breakfast, then cleaned up and went home. What a weekend! When we got back to our house, we just spent some time relaxing.

Well, that was our awesome adventure at the Bear River Lodge! It is nice to be able to spend some time enjoying what the lodge has to offer since I spend every day working for it!

Camden is doing great! He is so cute and he's growing so fast. He is totally getting into everything now. He crawls across the floor, pulling himself along with his arms. He's also climbing up on stuff and pulling himself up to standing. It is truly amazing how fast he learns.

So, I can't put pictures on my computer right now, but I will add some soon!