Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year in Nevada

We had a great time visiting our family in Nevada! It was so much fun to be able to spend time with them and celebrate the new year. Here are some pictures of some of the fun things we did!

Camden enjoyed helping Grandma Winder in the kitchen.

We brought Grandpa Winder a new puppy! He came with us on the airplane all the way from Utah.

Here's Camden-driving a truck at the age of 2. Well, steering a truck at least! Don't worry, we were just out in the hazards around.

Here are some of the tracks Camden made while driving the truck.

I love the Nevada landscape! It's so nice to be able to see so far. Camden, Daddy, and Uncle Mckay.

One afternoon, we headed out to the desert to do some shooting. We set up a target stand and we each got our own paper target to put up. Calvin won the competition.

Calvin showing Camden how it's done.

Grandpa taught Mckay too!

Laiel's husband Dusty...the target was pretty far away!

We also had a chance to gather everyone for a family picture.

Yes, Mckay was being a little silly in all the pictures...this is the best we could get! Pretty good of everyone else though! Look at that old guy on the left-he's even smiling too!

Happy New Year!

On another afternoon, we got the chance to go up past Reno to a place we could go sledding. It was beautiful!

We found the perfect little sled for Camden. It had a seat belt and a back rest and it slid down the hill really well! We took the sleds we got for Ivan and Mckay last year too.

Don't look too closely at the faces here...I think I'm the only one who got the memo to smile :)

Katie and Ashton! We had a lot of fun together.

Camden loved sledding, he kept saying, again! again!

And for one more outing-for FHE one night, we got to go to the "best place in the whole world" according to Mckay-the Fun Center in Fernley. The kids got to play in this 3 level play ground while we played a couple of games of bowling. Everyone had a lot of fun!

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, Camden's rendition of the Heigh Ho song from Snow White. His version goes, "Heigh ho, heigh ho, I do work!"