Tuesday, April 23, 2013

La Madre Springs-Red Rock Canyon

I know this is going to be out of order with all of the catching up I am working on, but I couldn't wait to try my blogger app on my new iPhone!  We had a fun family outing this past weekend (4/20) on a hike to La Madre Spring in Red Rock Canyon.  It was a beautiful day and we were happy to finally make it out to this fun part of the Las Vegas valley!
Camden enjoyed spotting the lizards sunning themselves on the rocks along the trail.  We tried (unsuccessfully) to catch some of them.


We all enjoyed getting out and giving our legs some exercise, including Spud!  Here was our cutie snack break.

Some of the views...

The last half-mile was a difficult one. We had to convince (pull) Camden to keep going to get to the rewarding end of the hike-the spring!

We were so happy to arrive and find that there really was a spring and some water way up in the desert canyon!  A small dam had been built by the previous owners of this property in the 1960's.  The Red Rock Canyon was designated as a National Conservation area in 2002 (from what I understand).  This spring is a water source for many animals, including big horn sheep.  We hope to go back to the canyon sometime to spot some!

Everyone enjoyed feeling the cool water!  The boys dipped their hats in to cool themselves off!

Spud had fun chasing rocks and sticks into the water, as long as he didn't have to swim to get them.

It was a great hike and so nice to get out and see the different scenery so close to our home!

There were wildflowers blooming all along the trail and even a few cacti.  The two flowers here are Indian Paintbrush and then you can see a few small pink flowers on the cactus. 
I hope you enjoy the first of many posts from my new phone!  This should make blogging a little easier!

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Grrrreat pics & narrative !