Sunday, September 22, 2013

What we did in June...

At the beginning of June, we went to Fallon to attend Calvin's Uncle Ken's funeral.  Calvin had flown to Salt Lake the week before and was able to be at the hospital when he passed away.  We had really gotten to know Ken as a family in the last few years and we were all so sad to see him go.  We had been able to spend time with him and his wife Karen as we purchased our horses from them, visited them in Fallon, and even stayed with Ken as he received treatment in Salt Lake.  He had been in a lot of pain for a long time, and we know he is now in a better place where he no longer feels that pain and can see his loved ones again.    Two of his brothers died in their youth before he was born and I am sure it was a happy reunion.

While we were in Fallon, we visited some cows!  The picture above is the steer we named Russell.  Russell really likes watermelon.  We also took the boys to see a dairy.  We saw them milking the cows with their huge udders and then we visited the baby calves.

We also had to gather up our cows and calves to take them to a pasture that had some water.  We had put them out at the place we planned to keep them for the summer just a few weeks before, but the water in the ponds there had dried up and so they had no more water to drink.

Calvin and cowboy, one horse, all ready to gather some cows.

Look closely, you can see the cows way out there on their way in.

Eventually, we got them all back to the panels we had set up (with two on foot and one on horseback-we needed more on horseback!) and separated the calves from the cows.  We had to load the calves separately so that they wouldn't get tromped on in the trailer.

After a few more hours, some truck breakdowns (yes, more than one truck broke down that day), we got the cows and calves to their new home that included some water to drink!  We were so happy to find a place for them to stay for the summer so that we didn't have to sell the cows.

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