Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Day on The Winder Farm

Well, it has been a long time since I have used the blog, but maybe we will try to keep up with it again!  My grandma requested some pictures of the chickens as I described to her the daily chores I do to take care of the animals we have here on our little "farm."  So, here are some pictures and the chores we do each day, morning and evening, to keep the animals happy and fed. The job is much bigger in the winter, as we are keeping the horses and cows in pens and feeding them hay.

I start by letting the dogs out of their kennel to run and play while I feed. We have Spud and Lucy, they are brother and sister and we got them about two years apart. Lately, Coulton has liked to come with me and walk his dog Lucy. 
Then I check for eggs in the laying boxes and feed the chickens.  I have eight hens,  four from my first year keeping chickens and four from this last year. It took a while for them to get along together and all start laying, but I have kept a light in their coop and they are all laying well through the winter. I usually get 4-6 eggs per day. You will see i get green, light pink, and brown eggs from the different varieties of chickens I have.

Then I go to the hay and measure the right amount for the horses and cows. We have three horses, from left to right, Goldie, Jose, and Boots.  Boots is pregnant and due to have a foal in June. We can't wait! 

Then onto the cows, we have three cows and there heifers. The heifers are each almost a year old. They are all black angus crosses except Daisy, she is the dairy cow that was adopted after one of our cows lost her calf at birth and the one Camden showed at the fair last year.

After the cows and horses are fed, in the morning, it is time for water.  I fill the heated trough for the cows, break the ice in the trough for the horses, and if needed, fill the heated water bowls for the chickens and dogs, and the bowl in the barn for the cats. 
Lastly, I get some food for the dogs and put them away, feed the cats in the barn, clean out the litter boxes, and grab my egg basket and head back to the house! 
I truly love the time I spend taking care of the animals. We share the responsibilities as a family with the boys helping as often as possible and Calvin doing the same. I enjoy the wildlife sightings while I am outside, a fox, bald eagle, geese, herons, pheasants, and many others. I love the beautiful views of the snow-covered mountains, and the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. We are blessed to live where we do and to have the opportunity to raise and care for these animals. I am truly grateful for my life on the Winder farm.

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Roger said...

Thanks for the update! Your Dad loves you dearly!